Nate's Music

Your Kingdom
Music and Lyrics: Nathan Creek
Written: June 2008

Verse 1
Father God I really wanna say I
love the way You listen when I pray.
Take my sin and wash it all away and
set me free.

Help me see your will and how it's done to
know deep down, You're the only one.
trust in him so I am not alone he
lives in me

Father take my hand and I will come.
Father give me strength to see your will be done.
If You can turn the water into wine.
Give your people light to shine.
We will see the glory of Your kingdom.

Verse 2
You can feed a billion in a day bring
dead to life, heal the sick and lame.
Let me feel the power of your name and
live with you.
Take the bits and pieces in my life so
You can turn the darkness into light.
Transform me and make it that I might be
born anew.

If there's a better world for us to find,
where deaf can hear and You give sight to the blind.
If You can turn the water into wine,
then Your people will be fine.
Living in the glory of Your kingdom.

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