Nate's Music

We Have A Saviour
Music and Lyrics: Nathan Creek
Written: May 2011
Verse 1
We come before the father, broken and afraid.
Searching for the holy truth.
Time and again, we will call out your name.
What’s the point of this game that we all lose.
We could never enter in
while we have unforgiven sin

You came to earth for us. A human sacrifice.
You died, our sins are now forgiven.
They laid your body in a grave.
You rose and left an empty cave.
Now we are saved. We have a saviour.
We have a saviour.

Verse 2
Engaging in the freedom, we are unrestrained,
searching for a way to serve.
See those in need, when they call out your name
Give the love and the justice they deserve.
Through your grace you set us free
to show the world what true love means.

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