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This Troubled Life
Music and Lyrics: Nathan Creek
Written: 2006

Verse 1
There's a boy in the street, with no shoes on his feet.
Rests his head on his knees. He so poor. Begging help me please.
He knows no other way. With no home, here he'll stay.
Just a will to survive. Hoping he'll make it through the night.

Pre Chorus
So many people crying out in need.
So many hurting. God we plead

Save this troubled life. Take it as it is.
You can see the burdens it carries,
see all the heartache and tears.

Save this troubled life. May it know your love.
And I pray that someday love will find a way
to save this troubled life.

Verse 2
In among all the crowd. People rushing around.
Life's so busy each day. There's no time. Time to stop and pray.
All the things you can own. But you find you're alone.
What's the meaning? you cry. Searching for something deep inside.

We know that life isn't easy.
We know that life isn't fair.
But we know that there is a future.
God help us to find our way there.

Verse 3
Here I am I am yours. Be my guide I implore.
As I pray on my knees, calling out Father help me please.
I know you will be there. Take me into your care.
Send your spirit to be by my side. Living here with me.

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