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The Great I AM Is Here
Music and Lyrics: Lenten Reflection Oasis participants
Written: March 2014
As part of the Lenten Reflection Oasis held on the 22nd of March I ran a music and song writing space where people could come and explore their creative side. The aim of the activities on the day was to give us time to step out of the business of life for a few hours and give us a chance to reflect and explore.

‘The Great I AM Is Here’ emerged out of a compilation of smaller sections of lyrics (typically 2 or 4 lines) contributed by many different people. The names in the sheet music are those people who indicated they would like their name included.

A brief comment about the inspiration behind the lyrics:
Some time ago I came across this video. It is a song that was created after Scott Adams (the creator of dilbert) asked the readers of his blog to each submit 2 lines of lyrics which are gibberish, but sound like they might almost make sense. I was taken with this idea. Not the gibberish part, but the idea of creating a song from random lyrics supplied by many different people. So I thought I'd try it out, and it worked quite well in the end.

Here are the guidelines I supplied:
1. Write no more than two lines.
2. Your lines should be grammatically correct.
3. It should sound like it might have deep meaning to someone else.
4. Avoid clunky sounding words. Velvet is good. Cholesterol is bad.
5. Specify whether your lines are a hook or just part of the regular lyrics.
6. Draw inspiration from the things you have heard and seen today.
Could be clever, could be obscure.

Inspiration was taken from the story telling time at the start of the day, as well as from the other thought provoking and reflective activities on the day. The words ‘I am here’ were repeated at the start of the day to help people immerse themselves fully in the day.

There was also a story was about Abram (Abraham) and Sari (Sarah) and their journeys. As they travelled, they built alters to God in recognition that no matter where they went, God was there, ‘I AM is here’. The story time also spoke of how there are times when we step out into the unknown, or into the desert, and at times like this we can rely on God to be there to guide us.

In the lyrics, the two similar phrases ‘I am here’ and ‘I AM is here’ came together to create a song which talks about God being present, but also that we are also present with God.

I have made this simple recording with just the vocal and an acoustic guitar. This is how it was shared with the group at the end of the day.


Verse 1
Wandering through the desert is hard
Trying to find your way with just the stars in the sky
Dusty, dry I wait upon you
Yearning for the light to shine through

The great I AM is here.
Everywhere, in everything
I AM here. Let us sing
The great I AM is here.
Everywhere, in everything
I AM here. Let us sing

Verse 2
I AM in the desert of old
In the city, each small place, then now and always
All this love and pain that we see
Does it make sense? Tell us how we should be?

Verse 3
Teach me, lead me, show me the way
Guide me through life’s desert. Never lead me astray.
Oh what a beautiful sight
The brilliant stars you placed for us, in the night

Verse 4
Walk along the labyrinth of life
The sorrow and the pain, often lead us to strife
But then I gaze into the depth of the night
Your healing power lifts us into the light

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