Nate's Music

Step Out In Faith
Music and Lyrics: Nathan Creek
Written: 2007

Verse 1
Hear them all, telling us all there's no
reason to hope, that our God is real.
Where's the proof, why do you base your whole
life on that man, from so long ago?

Hear them all, telling us that it's each
man for himself. You're number one.
What does that breed? Greed and mistrust
and pain for everyone.

Pre Chorus
We don't have the answers
but we know there's a better way.

It's all about patience, all about kindness.
all about knowing what to do when you're called.
It's time to be ready, time to be faithful.
time to be the one who takes that step out in faith.

Verse 2
Hear the Lord, telling us all there's a
reason to hope, a reason to feel
loved in this world. We are a part of the
family of God, so don't feel alone.

Talk to God, Listen and learn of his
plan for the world. Then you will see
he has the power. All we can do
is call upon his name.

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