Nate's Music

Shine Our Light
Music and Lyrics: Nathan Creek
Written: 2006

Verse 1
When we wake up in the morning, and begin a brand new day.
It's a gift that we've been given, yet we still complain.
Stress and turmoil can be blinding. They can cloud the things we see.
Seeing nothing but the hardship, it's not for you and me.

So we shine our light like the sun in the sky.
Shine it bright till there's no more night.
Living in your radiance, it can make a difference.
You are there to ease our minds.
Understanding that you, know us through and through and through.
There's no reason to be shy
as we shine our light, shine our light.

Verse 2
Tell us how you want to use us. Tell us where we are to go.
Use the talents that you gave us, and help new one's to grow.
Spread the good news of your kingdom. Show that love is in your plan.
See it when injustice happens, and fix it if we can.

If we shine out brilliantly, shine it out for all to see.
We can show the world, there's a better way,
than a world that's dull and grey.

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