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Our Guide and Our Flame
Music and Lyrics: Nathan Creek
Written: 2005

You hold the world in your hands.
You can look at all the pieces,
and see how they fit your plan.
And we want to be a part of it.
All we have to do is use your spirit.
Send it down. Be our guide and be our flame.

Verse 1
Help us to be your people, so we can try to change the world.
Not by telling people what to do, by being part of it ourselves.
The world is what we make it. It's our choice in all we do,
but along the way, we'll think and pray, and be guided there by you.

Verse 2
How could we live without you, like so many people do?
With no spirit giving us a hand, and giving us a different view?
Nothing there but darkness. Even though there's lots to see.
and the meaning there, would not compare, we'd be living randomly.

Without you we're driving blind.
With no purpose and no meaning, no direction in our lives.
We're all travelling on a journey, that we know will end some day.
But it's not the end where we need your help,
it's the steps along the way.

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