Nate's Music

Inside Of Me
Music and Lyrics: Nathan Creek
Written: 2006

Verse 1
Living as a child of God. Living in his way.
An expression of his love in all I do and say.
Given freedom, given choice. Guided by his will.
Learning to discern what's right. Potential to fulfil.

Pre Chorus
I will give my life to you and know that I will be

Living with God inside of me.
He gives me strength and helps me see
what I can be, what I can do with my life now that he's set me free.
As a disciple of the Lord I can see Jesus' love outpoured.
Leading by example, Living with God inside of me.

Verse 2
Giving him my everything. Offering the lot.
Facing all the challenges that come no matter what.
His advice will help me through, help me find the patch.
Giving me the chance to make the best with what I have.

Verse 3
Taking all I learn from him. Taking his design.
Using it to shape my life and join it to the vine.
Part of more than what we see. What does it require?
Just ask him into my life and he'll set me on fire.

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