Nate's Music

In Honour Of You
Music and Lyrics: Nathan Creek
Written: 2006

Verse 1
Cleanse me and wash clean my eyes.
Help me see your beauty. Help me see your light.
I know that you are with me,
know that you are near,
know that you can take away my fear.

Heal me and warm up my heart.
Help me feel your presence when my life gets hard.
To share my troubles with you,
let my burdens go.
You will keep me moving when I'm slow.

Lord I love you and want to make you glad.
Through my faith, I believe that you have
made me who I am.
When the things you ask of me
I don't know how to do.
Give me strength to live my life
in honour of you.

Verse 2
Bless me with gifts of your love.
Help me use them wisely. Help me to become
a servant in your kingdom
living in your grace.
You are there to help me know my place.

Send me to go and proclaim.
Help me be your witness speaking in your name.
To show the world I love you,
you're showing me the way.
You are with me each and every day.

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