Nate's Music

I'll Go
Music and Lyrics: Nathan Creek
Written: April 2009

Verse 1
Standing, searching for a reason.
Why it is that life can be unfair?
Can we choose our destination?
Do we live by accident or care?

If you wander through a maze with no directions
you might find the end, or finish at the start again.

I'll go. Lead me a direction and I'll go.
I'll see. Give me all the strength that I will need.
I'll show. A willingness to learn, and I'll grow
as you teach me all the things I need to know.

Verse 2
Planning, dreaming of a future,
knowing there's a mix of light and shade.
Facing different situations
are we just as likely to complain?

I want to do my best to follow Jesus
and not drift along, and give in to the tide of fate.

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