Nate's Music

Follow The Signs
Music and Lyrics: Nathan Creek
Written: June 2009

Verse 1
When we come into this life
we start along a journey,
Slowly gaining experience
to help us on the way.

As a child there is lots to see.
All the love and pain and mystery.
Could I find an answer to explain?

Whereever I turn my head and open my eyes,
I see the wonder and the beauty of this world that you inspired.

I know you’re walking with me. I know you’re in my heart.
You’re always with me guiding me.
If I just follow the signs.

Verse 2
Something new round every turn
with all the different choices.
Learning lessons from what I’ve done
and things that I have found.

If I’m travelling on a bumpy road,
or I’m carrying a heavy load,
if I lift my head and look around,

Verse 3
As I'm walking through this life
I will travel over
hills and valleys and cross the plains,
the wide and narrow ways.

Every now and then I will ascend
to a mountain top experience.
It’s easy to see why I’d want to stay,
but if I travel on, then on my way

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