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Filled With Your Love
Music and Lyrics: Nathan Creek
Written: 2006

Verse 1
This world's a jungle, this world's a maze.
So many options that can all seem the same.
No choice between them. Which way to go?
How do we follow you?
Is there a way we can know?

As we walk along, and follow your light.
So bright it even lights the darkest night.
Discovering new, what couldn't be seen.
The space in between is filled with your love.

Verse 2
Glorious Father. Mighty and strong.
Walking beside us as we journey along.
You hold the lantern, lighting our course.
You call us to follow you.
giving our lives to your cause.

We know you're the way,
to see light of day.
In all that we do help us listen and pray.

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