Nate's Music

Music and Lyrics: Nathan Creek
Written: 2006
Verse 1
It's a mystery, it's something that we seek
as we learn about ourselves.
Where did we come from? What is our origin?
What's the answer? Who can tell?

Pre Chorus
We believe in a creator we call God.
He's the one that gave us everything we've got.

You can find him if you look at all you see.
Take a moment to believe.
You can find him he's in every single thing.
We can know we live in his creation.

Verse 2
Find the blessings in the actions that we take.
Know they're greater than they seem.
It's a system where each creature has it's place.
Who would give this life to me?

To see the wind in the trees.
To wander on a beach, feel the ocean breeze.
These are signs that we have.
Simply see them and know that

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