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All You Want Me To Be
Music and Lyrics: Nathan Creek
Written: 2005

Verse 1
I jump out of bed in the morning,
grab some breakfast and go about my day.
There's a song in my heart, but I'm only at the start,
Hoping that it's go'n to stay that way.

Yesterday I got into some trouble.
I got into a heated argument.
It was clear I was right, but I know I shouldn't fight.
Will I make the same mistake today?

Oh lord, keep me your child,
and lead me through each day.
Teach me to see when I'm needed,
and to listen when I pray.
Oh lord, I don't deserve it,
but your grace gives me riches for free.
So I'll call on your name.
Help me be all you want me to be.

Verse 2
I jump in the car in the garage.
Off to work there's so much to be done.
I'm cruising down the road, up until the traffic slowed.
An accident, someone ran off the road.

I drove right on by and was thinking,
That I'm going to be late now, thanks a lot.
What's important to me? What if I had hit that tree?
Work can wait for me, I'm still alive.

Verse 3
Sometimes I take things for granted,
like the way good things happen everyday.
Like the offer of a gift, from a friend to give a lift,
when I'm feeling dull and kind of grey.

A gift that I often take for granted,
is that God is watching over me always.
If I'm down in the dumps, I can turn to him at once.
He will hear and listen as I pray.

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