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Hi there. My name is Nathan Creek. If you enter my name into your favorite search engine you'll soon discover that there's a band named after me in the north west of the states. Ok, so maybe they're not named after me, but having the same name means things could start to get a bit confusing if we start talking Nathan Creek's music. Good thing I have a nickname (Nate).

In Mid-2005 I was getting more involved in choosing songs for worship for the Sunday evening service at our church (Doncaster East Uniting Church, formerly Wesley Deep Creek Uniting). It was in doing this that I discovered that choosing songs to go with a particular theme or message for the evening was quite difficult at times. The songs we were choosing from seemed to mostly come from a limited gene pool of themes. There are plenty of generic praise and worship songs, and don't get me wrong, a lot of these are great songs, but I was looking for more of a message in the songs than just singing a tribute to God or Jesus.

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These songs (both the sheet music, and the recordings) are provided free of change for use in worship services. They are provided with the hope that other churches will be able to use them in their own worship services to both challenge and encourage people.

These songs are not registered with a copyright agency. If you wish to use these songs outside of a worship environment then you will need to contact me to work something out.

My email address is on the sheet music.

Songs / Downloads

If you use any of these songs in your church please email me to let me know so that I can have some idea of where and how they are being used. Information like this will be valuable for me in writing new songs in the future. If you ask I might also be able to keep you updated whenever new songs are released or if there are any changes to existing songs.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of the songs. Let me know what bits you like, what bits you don't like, perhaps ask questions about the meaning of any lyrics you're not sure about. Any other comments and suggestions are also welcome.

Please email me to let me know if you use any of these songs.

I don't want crawlers getting my email address, so I won't put it here, but my email address is on the sheet music.

Songs / Downloads