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DigitalWatch is a free open source project for watching and recording DVB-T digital television.

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DigitalWatch 2.x has been totally redeveloped from the DigitalWatch 0.x series with an entirely different architecture. As a result, not all of the features available in 0.x versions have been implemented in 2.x versions. It's planned to add most of them as time permits but time doesn't permit very much for me these days. Fortunately bear and DigiWatchSaver have been able to chip in and start adding support for recording and timeshifting.

What does it do?

  • Nice and simple interface, just the video window, and all information comes up as an On Screen Display. No pesky right click menu.
  • OSD items are configurable (font, colour, location on screen, size)
  • Operational from the keyboard to make using a remote easy.
  • Configurable key assignments.
  • Single key channel selection. Channels are organised by network rather than having a great long list of duplicate channels.
  • Fast channel changing.
  • Choose which video and audio decoders get used for each media type.
  • Volume control that doesn't tamper with the windows mixer.
  • Always On Top option
  • Disable Screensaver
  • Zoom (For watching 4:3 material without the black border)
  • Supports HD and AC3. Of course this depends on which video and audio decoders you choose and what their settings are.

    New to 2.x versions
  • Supports any BDA compatible DVB-T digital tv tuner.
  • Supports multiple tuners (Not simultaneously. Yet)
  • Tuners are automatically detected. No configuration required unless you want to disable one
  • Much nicer OSD (only works for the Overlay Mixer at the moment. VMR9 is to come)
  • Detailed logging to diagnose problems
  • Channel scanning.

    Coming soon
    These are currently in the trunk source but are still undergoing bug fixes.
  • File Playback (using TSFileSource)
  • Recording to multiple formats
  • Timeshifting
  • Command line arguments.
  • Detection of Aspect Ratio, and the ability to override it.

What doesn't it do?

DigitalWatch Zip File (974kb) History Source
DigitalWatch Zip File (886kb) History
DigitalWatch Zip File (838kb) History
DigitalWatch Zip File (164kb) History
DigitalWatch Zip File (201kb) History
DigitalWatch Zip File (200kb) History
DigitalWatch Zip File (199kb) History
DigitalWatch Zip File (179kb) History
DigitalWatch Zip File (177kb) History
DigitalWatch Zip File (177kb) History

Mpeg2Dec Video Decoder Filter (compiled from the guliverkli project)
Initially this is the default video decoder. Either download and register this filter, or change the decoder in MediaTypes.xml.

Latest Source Code
DigitalWatch Development Forum


  • bear:
  • Added some code to solve a thread crashing issue where it was trying to start a thread when it was already running.
  • Fixed a problem with the SetDSNetworkPort function where it was causing a crash when the value was less than 4 digits.
  • Added a option for a basic surface key render for DigitalWatchSaver so the OSD uses less cpu for slower systems. Default is False.
  • Added a Screen Saver disable option for paused playback to the settings.xml, also will now disable screensaver if the application has been minimised with the quiet on minimised option enabled.
  • Updated TSFileSource Filter ver Beta 6.
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